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To dream about Tattoo explained:

Having tattoos in your dream denotes your ability to be unique in your own way and stand out among the rest. You do not follow the crowd. Pay close attention to the tattoo and what it signifies in your life. On the other hand, some experience in your waking life might have left an impression on you. It will last with your forever. If you are a tattoo artist it represents your unique tastes and experiences. However, if you are a real life tattooist, it is a reflection of who you are in life.

May symbolize creativity and self-expression.

In some cases, a tattoo by itself may portend being involved in a trial or put in jail, whether or not you are actually at fault. On the other hand, persistent dreams centered around the idea of tattoos may simply point toward an interest in the idea of prisons and life on the inside in an academic or cultural sense, for example, like how they are potrayed in media and how inmates negotiate power. This symbol is also sometimes thought to reflect being open-minded and extremely tolerant of diverse ideas and expressions.

Dreaming about having a tattoo is symbolic of a person possessing some special abilities or powers. Perhaps your boyfriend may not be aware of hidden abilities or talents which he possesses. Since this is a recurring dream and was shared with your personally, you should help your partner discover his true potential. The tattoo of a lit candle on your boyfriend's arm could predict that he may come across someone with whom he may finally have a long-due reconciliation. The notion of the positivity being off could also serve as his subconscious mind's way of reinforcing this connection with an estranged individual to take place, so he feels better after it happens.

Imagining a friend or a stranger in the process of getting a tattoo inked may represent some misgivings you have about the way you conduct yourself. You may be disappointed in your own behavior, particularly by your lack of care or attention to detail. Despite this, you recognize, at least subconsciously, that you possess some latent skills or traits. If utilized, these abilities may improve your self-image and self-confidence.

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