Teasing Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize untangling a situation or problem to tease out the truth.

Seeing a clown tease or mock you during a dream vision is a fairly positive symbol to perceive as it predicts positive career developments. In particular, it suggests that a new or current position may provide challenges which at first might seem frustrating but actually provide you with the tools, skills and know-how to really succeed in your chosen industry. You would be able to make good money and find fulfillment in your work.

The location of your school classroom in this vision points towards the presence of stress in reality. This may indeed be related to homework, projects or tasks connected to education and schooling, but it could also be work-related stress or pressure from another individual in your life. In fact, the shooter who bursts into your classroom could indicate that a man or woman from your reality is actively trying to cause you trouble, getting in the way of your progress or trying to prevent you from getting any further ahead of them. Confusing the shooter by various means until he gives up and leaves suggests you would eventually overcome the problems that have appeared, although this solution might lead to some unexpected consequences that catch you off guard. If you do happen to resolve the issues threatening your current happiness, be on the lookout for other possible changes to your daily existence.

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