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To dream about Teeth explained:

Dreams about losing teeth, especially those that have fallen or been knocked out, are an ominous sign meaning you are to go through a time in your life filled with unhappiness. You may experience some great disappointments or a series of unfortunate events which could negatively affect your outlook on life. This may include loss of face, embarrassment, and ridicule, as well.

Having aching teeth signifies that you could be facing some problems related to your personal life. These issues can linger for a while and might take sometime to solve. In effect, there's a possibility that these can bother and hang around you for quite some time.

Seeing bloody teeth in a dream is a symbol of death. A loved one might pass away, either one of your relatives or your immediate family.

Dreaming of losing your teeth, whether it be one by one or together at once, is a bad omen. It signifies having some hardship in life and unhappiness or sorrow, whether due to some untoward events in your work or personal life.

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  1. Misshapen teeth - Having crooked or misshapen teeth in your dream foretells a series of unfortunate events that could happen in your life. It can include experiencing poverty, illness, a nervous breakdown and mental st... Learn More!
  2. Snow-white teeth - The image of snow-white teeth in dreams refer to satisfaction and contentment. If the immaculately white teeth are your own in the vision, then it means your current existence is exactly what you hope... Learn More!
  3. Yellowing teeth - Seeing yellowing teeth in your dream is a symbol of being deceived. Someone you rely on to whom you have entrusted a lot of your interests, will betray you. This act of deception will inflict pain and... Learn More!
  4. Loosing own teeth - Envisioning your teeth falling out is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream world. It often predicts upcoming periods of sadness and hardship in reality. This misfortune could affect eit... Learn More!
  5. Losing your teeth - Losing your teeth during the course of a dream vision carries negative connotations. This is true whether or not you lost them all at once or they started falling out one by one. This particular symbo... Learn More!
  6. Brushing your teeth - Dreaming of brushing your teeth or rinsing with a mouthwash is an indication that you will have to make sacrifices in order to maintain your current level of happiness. You also need to make a lot of ... Learn More!
  7. Losing one of teeth - The loss of a single tooth in the world of dreams is often thought to predict some small, single misfortune befalling your life. Whether it fell out somewhere on its own or you pulled it out yourself ... Learn More!
  8. My teeth falling out - Envisioning multiple teeth falling out could represent shedding negative habits or aspects of your personality. You may be on the path to a better, more fulfilling life or subconsciously desire to mak... Learn More!
  9. Snapping your teeth - Dreaming that you are snapping your teeth tells that you should change your ways. Your lack of mindfulness and reckless behavior is not helping you in any way and you should try changing for the bette... Learn More!
  10. Dreaming with Teeth - In waking life teeth have two purposes to chew our food to take in nourishment and to make us look better. Dreams about teeth then, may suggest there is something you need to chew over or think about ... Learn More!

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