Testicles Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Testicles explained:

Dreaming of testicles all depends on the context of your dream. For men dreaming of their testicles symbolizes about strength and power. It might be a play on words for being “tested” on something.

May symbolize fertility, virility, or the sex drive.

Testicles are often considered the symbolic representation of masculinity, so swollen testicles may refer to a male in your life who is overcompensating for their lack of male prowess. Whether it is the particular man you envisioned or not, this could mean that a certain man is interested in getting your attention and is doing so by metaphorically showing their peacock feathers. However, the idea that this man would give you less money than you requested suggests that you should not fall for his pomp and circumstance. He is likely less than you would ideally want in a man, unable to provide for you physically or even offer solace and companionship.

Testicles refer to pride, power and masculinity. The dream may be indicative of your anxieties regarding your skills and capabilities. On the other hand, you could be experiencing feelings of ineptitude in terms of providing for the needs of your family. Cakes in a dream are normally associated with happiness, rewarding and pleasant experiences in the waking life. Hence, some other person giving cake to your wife reflects your own sense of inability to satisfy her. Perhaps there is a need to confront your personal issues that are affecting the dynamics within your family.

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