Thorns Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Thorns explained:

Did you just get pricked by a thorn. Well if that was the case then something will stick to you soon that would annoy you. Find out who was in your dream when this was going on and it might help you find out who’s the thorn in your life.

May symbolize a defense mechanism or protection.

The presence of symbols associated with the crucifixion of Jesus likely reveals your religious nature. In particular, the crown of thorns points to your search for meaning and spiritual enlightenment. Your dream shows you that the path to enlightenment is not always easy. As indicated by the bleeding palms, a reference to the stigmata, you would have to overcome a lot of challenges and make significant sacrifices to find your true path and become enlightened.

If you find yourself pricking your fingers by acacia thorns, then you are receiving a warning that you are entrusting too many people to help you when you should be evaluating whether it is beneficial to receive their help.


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