Throwing up rocks Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Throwing up rocks explained:

Seeing rocks in a dream represents fortitude and power. You know what you are about and no one can break you. On the other hand, you need to develop a stronger personality.

Envisioning yourself throwing a knife at a target, either as a circus performer or something more sinister, suggests using underhanded means to achieve your goals. The throwing of knives is symbolically linked to fraud and identity theft, indicating the illegal nature of these doings. If left unchecked, these actions may become more bold and lead to remorse and self-reproach in the future.

A dream envisioning yourself playing the role of a party maker, organizing a joyful social event or meet-up, is usually a good omen. Regardless of the reason for this celebration, such a dream may foretell the advent of lucky events, happy experiences, and general prosperity in all aspects of your life. This vision could be the harbinger of approaching success in your recent plans, ideas, work, business or any other kinds of undertakings.

Rocks, by themselves, are a negative sign that points to disappointment and loss in your life. The exact area depends on the context of the vision. In this case, vomiting often represents physical ailments and declining health, which may point to a disease that causes you to lose out on opportunities or prevents you from doing the things you love. The vision of throwing rocks up in the air, if this is the case, also represents something leaving you or missing out on a good chance. Therefore, you might want to take precautions with your bodily health by getting a physical exam and regularly seeing the doctor. Additionally, making plans for a worst case scenario would probably not go amiss.

Based on your description, the symbol of a prison is not the central element of this dream. Dreams involving preparing or consuming food outside (such as a barbeque or picnic) may signify feelings of instability or insecurity you may be or soon start experiencing in your life. Combined with the notion of “prison”, it could mean that these feelings are the result of being entrusted with some sort of secret or information you are attempting to hide or keep private. Food thrown at you in your dream (abundance of food) which you were first trying to avoid but later accepted to receive, can be a sign of continuing to live wealthier and better off than other people but needing to protect your secret which may lead to having less stability and security.

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