Traveling Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Traveling explained:

When we travel in life we get away from our daily routine and enjoy time away. Maybe this is your unconscious mind telling you that you might need a little break.

Traveling in dreams alludes to success and progress. Therefore, dreaming that your father is traveling could symbolize a promotion or a successful undertaking in his future. On the other hand, travel can also be interpreted as distance and departure. Perhaps you are afraid of losing bond or connection with your father because of his busy schedule and other commitments.

To meet or converse with a traveling actress is a warning that unfavorable changes will occur in your business or the current project you are undertaking. It could also be a sign of looming treachery or deception in your midst if you do not exercise caution.

Dreaming of observing yourself traveling in a ship is a symbol of change. Your life may currently or soon undergo some significant changes. These changes could affect the places which you deal with on a daily basis, such as home or work. For example, you may relocate consequent of professional reasons, get a new home, start working for a different company or start performing your activities elsewhere.

Traveling happily in a vehicle together with your wife suggests domestic bliss. You are in it for the long haul with her and looking forward to your journey together. It is also an optimistic dream vision as the movement indicates your desire to move forward towards your goals as individuals and as life partners.

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