Trunk Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Trunk explained:

Trunks in dreams are a manifestation of things in your life that you might be still holding on too. This can be anything from past experiences, dreams, memories. This is at the back of your mind that you have put aside but they are still traveling with you everyday.

May symbolize being strong, sturdy, upright.

An open car trunk is a sign of making a very risky or shaky business decision. You could be involved in an endeavor that is not destined to bring good results. This can also be a sign that you will receive some news that will surprise you.

Dreaming about an elephant’s trunk, either attached to the animal or by itself, could be a sign of existing or feared instability. That is, you could be or become concerned and anxious. This nervousness could originate from you current lack of personal, professional or social balance. You might be fearing that you would not achieve the state of well-being and certainty that you desire and need.

Loading your car trunk is a symbol of having unsatisfied needs. Your partner is craving for more affection and attention from you. However, for whatever reason, you may not be giving what he or she needs at the moment. Maybe you need to be more appreciative of your lover and a little romantic flair wouldn't hurt.

For women, dreaming about looking at an elephant's trunk could be a symbol with sexual connotations. It is possible that you are experiencing some intense sexual desire towards the opposite sex. You may be attracted to a man and want to have sexual intercourse with him or express you affection sexually. Alternatively, you could be aspiring to possess the social power and influence of a man. That is, you might be wanting to have a more masculine social role and recognition in your community.

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