Trying to catch a horse Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Trying to catch a horse explained:

A horse in a dream may mean many different things depending upon the context and content of the dream and the personal associations of the dreamer.

Dreaming that you participate in a horse race is an emotionally positive symbol. You are riding a good horse in a very good company, for a particular and fortunate cause. Such dream represents the blessing of your current affairs, and in particular a blessing of prosperity and luck.

Dreaming about seeing or encountering a draft horse, large enough to be used for pulling heavy loads, often translates your worry about your domestic chores, your house renovation, or your household members. That is, there is a particular domestic aspect of your life which is causing you such a great preoccupation that the draft horse is required for its transportation, for moving it about.

Dreaming about riding on a lame horse means that your plans or aspirations could involve temporary difficulties, in such a way that you might be rendered unable to fulfill them. That is, your projects or relationships are as if injured or ill, and will not have the expected positive outcome.

Dreaming of observing or riding on a horse with more than one color, or pied horse, suggests that the completion of a project will probably bring future revenues, or other kinds of personal advantages. Alternatively, the start of a new venture is what will probably bring those benefits. That is, where one of the horse’s colors ends the other harmoniously starts, and it is such conjugation that may bring you positive outcomes.

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Trying to catch a horse

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