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The act of buying a pet in the universe of dreams or adopting a stray suggests you have a desire for companionship in reality. In some cases, this simply and literally refers to the wanting of a specific pet, like a cat or dog, to spend time with and take care of. Other times, however, it sheds light on a deeper longing for human connection and interaction. For those living alone or who have recently moved somewhere new, it could mean you need to put more effort into being social, making friends and networking. Humans are social creatures, and ignoring that aspect of the self could have more drastic consequences later.

Having a fox for a pet in the context of a dream vision is often considered a very negative symbol to behold. If you employ a housekeeper, babysitter, gardener, contractor or employee, it is likely they have acted deceitfully against you. You would probably find out the exact nature of their betrayal very soon and would have to spend a lot of time, money and energy cleaning up the mess left in the wake of their disloyal behavior.

Having a mouse as a pet in a dream symbolizes your ability to be in complete control of the situation and capacity to counteract and keep any form of danger at bay. Some people may try to give you a hard time in your current undertaking, but they would realize that their malicious intents are no threat to you because of your watchful eyes and vigilance. Pursuing their dubious plans in an attempt to pull you down would only be a complete waste of their time and effort.

In the context of a dream vision, kissing your beloved animal companion represents an upcoming change in your day to day existence. This shift could be either positive or negative, depending on your situation and the other symbols present in the vision. You may need to find something steady to hold onto while you go through this period.

When you pet is crying out in the dream world, it often predicts soon receiving unfortunate news. Whatever you learn would greatly disappoint you or leave you feeling bereft and heartbroken. While this symbol by itself does not contain an indication of the type of news received, other symbols in the vision could point to a more comprehensive interpretation.

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