Turtle Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Turtle explained:

Dreaming of turtles suggest motherhood, fertility and wisdom. The turtle might be related to the emotional part of the dreamer, the unconscious. It comes from deep in the water and only surfaces when it comes back to lay its eggs. The leather-back turtle lays its eggs back where it was first born. We can use this analogy as something coming back to the conscious via unconscious or vise versa.

Killing a turtle in dreams, whether by accidentally crushing the turtle with a heavy object or deliberately killing this slow-moving animal for food, portends grief. A very close friend or family member may pass away, leaving you to mourn their death. This could also predict the death of a pet who is very dear to you. This death may be unexpected which makes your grief more intense and the mourning would be longer than usual as you adjust to a life without their comforting and loving presence.

Turtles are dream symbols associated with longevity, stability and security. As such, seeing a turtle blow up or explode in a dream vision carries a negative message. You may soon face tremendous challenges which would slowly chip away your financial resources and sense of comfort. The unfortunate events may be work-related or even a possible breakdown of personal relationships. Alternatively, the shattering of the turtle into pieces may be a metaphor for your shaken-up worldview. Events in the waking world may be so unexpected and disappointing that you would begin to question your personal values and beliefs.

Seeing or encountering a turtle in your dream indicates a high likelihood that you would experience great joy and a general feeling of positivity and peace of mind as a result of some favorable occurrence in your life at the moment. Consequently, being in this uplifting state could help you handle and eventually resolve some rough issues and gray areas while working on your current project.

If you dream of seeing a turtle swimming or walking away from you, it is an ominous sign of unhappy goodbyes and endings. A very dear person in your life might leave you or end the relationship with you. This person could be either a man or a woman to whom you have a very deep attachment, whether emotional, sexual, filial or otherwise. You would employ all means possible to try to change this person's mind, but your efforts would prove futile. This sudden loss would leave a gaping hole in your heart and would likely pose a problem to your future personal relationships.

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