UFO Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about UFO explained:

Seeing a UFO in your dream indicates your yearning about where you are going and what you are destined for in life. Otherwise it represents your feelings of being an outsider.

May represent an unidentified emotion or aspect of self.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects in the realm of dreams are connected to the soul and the spirit. So if you see a UFO in a vision, it means you would become more enlightened about a certain aspect of yourself. You may inadvertently, through some fateful experience, discover something new and entirely uncharacteristic about yourself and your existence in general. This could unlock other personal realizations which would allow you to finally confront deep-seated issues in the process of transforming yourself into a better version.

To envision Jesus talking to you is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment. It can also point to the realization of your dreams. You may have been feeling lost and uncertain about where you are headed in life and this dream vision is trying to show you the way. Specifically, the school of fishes which allowed Jesus to appear like he was walking on water symbolizes insights and ideas. In combination with the manifestation of Jesus in the vision, you subconscious could be telling you that the way to finding success and fulfillment is by implementing your innovative insights and ideas. Turning theoretical plans into tangible ventures may be able to lead you closer to where you want to be. If you have no ideas of your own, you could find others who share your vision and use your combined knowledge and know-how to establish or create something valuable. Similarly, the UFO means you are looking for your purpose and vocation and jumping out of an airplane alludes to taking risks. The road to finding your true calling would not be easy and it requires courage and determination as illustrated by your fearlessness when you jumped. Jesus could also represent your faith and belief, not just in religion, but also in your own capacity to make your dreams a reality. The emerald Jesus gives you usually refers to strength and steadfastness in dream symbols. In that context, the vision is telling you to remain focused and true to your faith and personal beliefs. With those guiding principles, you would avoid straying from the path of enlightenment and fulfillment. Naturally, there would be a lot of temptations and distractions, but with your strong values and principles, you would eventually find your way. The beanstalk is also an allusion to lofty ambitions. As they say, nothing worth having comes easy. So the higher you want to go, the more time, effort and investment you need to put in in order to maintain your social standing. This also means, however, that you may fall a lot farther and harder from such a high position.On the first fall, it was voluntary. You actually jumped off the plane. So this likely means that you need to take a leap of faith to get closer to your ultimate aspiration. The second fall was not your doing. The branch broke and this made you fall. Perhaps this means that one of your collaborators or contemporaries would break your trust or betray you and this would result in your downfall. Fortunately, despite the failure that could be in your future, this may actually lead you to your true purpose. Since the fear only lasted briefly, it means you can turn your failures into a success story. Maybe you are meant to share your experiences or mentor others in order to help struggling souls in finding their purpose in life. Ultimately, your existence would be more meaningful and worthy of sharing with others because of all the obstacles and challenges that you would have to overcome along the way.


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