Unable to get out of bed Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Unable to get out of bed explained:

To dream that you are standing next to or lying on a wide bed is a reflection of how far and wide your dreams could take you. You are currently or would soon achieve economic success because you have performed well in your job or sacrificed so much for the growth of your project or business in the past.

To dream that you are standing next to or sleeping on a tall bed supported by long, slender posts is an indication that your faithfulness and commitment to your current romantic relationship would also manifest in your work, project or business venture. Your exemplary traits would permeate not only at home, but would also resonate with your co-workers, fellow project stakeholders and business associates. People would admire you not only for showing great dedication, hard work and determination to succeed in your line of work or business, but also for having an ideal romantic relationship which is the cause of envy among those who know you.

To dream that you are lying on an untidy or messy bed symbolizes your paranoia related to the possibility of people finally learning about your buried secrets. You could be acting too cautiously every time you are in public, not wanting to be caught in an off-guard moment. You would keep a low profile and try as much as possible to make yourself unnoticeable. But your efforts could have a reverse effect. The enigma surrounding you might pique people's interest in your personal life and in things you could be doing surreptitiously when you are left alone, and the thought of your own ghosts closing in on you might be too much to bear. This dream vision may be telling you to finally come clean so you could get that nasty feeling off your chest once and for all and never have to live in fear again.

To dream of seeing or standing by an empty bed is ominous of a death in the family or within your social circle. Your somber and calm demeanor as you stand by the bed in an empty room which looks eerily quiet suggests that the manner of death, although it would come to the family quite unexpectedly, may be due to natural causes, or something undetermined but not a homicide.

To dream that you are lying on your own bed symbolizes your sheltered and guarded personal life. The comforts of your bed in your dream are a symbol of your refusal to explore outside of your comfort zone or to open up for fear that you might be met with rejection. You prefer not to show the real you because the world is full of judgmental jerks and vicious bullies and you do not want to give them the satisfaction of putting you down, even if it costs you your own freedom and happiness.

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