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To dream about Underwear explained:

One of those weird dreams again when you look down and realize you are in nothing but underwear! This symbolizes a certain part that you would always keep private in your life. If you are afraid that someone sees you in your underwear or other people do see you in your underwear and you are embarrassed, it indicates you have hidden aspects or feelings that you are afraid to expose. Alternatively, if it does not worry you it implies that you are ready to let out suppressed emotions or traits that you were hiding before. If you see someone else in their underwear it means that person or someone they present is finally being exposed for who he or she is. If you see dirty underwear then it means you feel uncomfortable about a situation or some part of yourself. If you are not wearing any underwear then soon everything will be exposed.

Buying underwear during the course of a dream vision is often thought to represent upcoming illnesses or lapses in health. It is likely you would soon fall victim to the common cold, influenza or some other contagious but ultimately harmless bug.

Bloody underwear, whether it was caused by menstruation or injury, can point to increases in wealth in the near future. You would suddenly find yourself with excess cash or property, which could lead to great wealth and prosperity if utilized and invested properly. In some cases, this image of bloody undergarments has also been specifically tied to the idea of inheriting something from a deceased loved one.

In the context of a dream vision, selling underwear portends trouble brewing in your household. You may soon discover that there are serious conflicts arising between certain members of your family unit or extended relatives. This would make the atmosphere inside your home very tense and unagreeable. It may even require outside counseling to solve this mess and bring peace to your daily life.

Sewing together a pair of underwear, whether your intention is to make a new pair or simply repair an old one, is often considered the manifestation of compulsive hoarding behavior in reality. While you may consider yourself frugal or eco friendly, your tendencies are probably bordering on the disorder level. Others may find your collections overpowering, dirty or simply out of control. You may need to reevaluate your ways before you push others away with your habits.

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