Vegetables Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Vegetables explained:

Dreaming of vegetables symbolizes your need to revitalize your mind and body. Consider the specific vegetable for further significance. On the other hand, it just refers to your diet.

Dreaming of a situation where you see vegetables growing from a tree instead of the normal fruit is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams. While fruit in an orchard suggests wealth and prosperity, vegetables indicate poverty, ruin and destitution. In some cases, this symbol even means the dreamer would become the victim of vicious, untrue rumors. However, the exception to this vision is married women who, if they see this image, would have a happy, satisfying marriage to their significant other.

may symbolize a need to feed your spirit.

A bag full of vegetables in a dream is bad luck. It is a stern warning that you could suffer enormous setbacks in your finances courtesy of a string of unfortunate events or bad business decisions that would decimate your wealth and put you at risk of bankruptcy, so be careful.

Vegetables in a dream are generally associated with enrichment of the soul. In particular, the green vegetables in your dream likely allude to physical as well as spiritual improvement. The individual receiving the vegetables therefore could represent a close friend whom you feel is a bit lost in his or her ways and needs guidance. Alternatively, it could also be a bad indication of losses and financial setbacks. A project or position you have been eyeing may end up being awarded to someone else.

Envisioning yourself surrounded by fruits and vegetables in a dream suggests being modest and simple. It could be that you and your family have settled and grown roots in your present residence, or perhaps this could be happening soon. It could also indicate that you are happy living in your present surroundings. Yams, plantains and sweet potatoes are considered comfort food, so having these in your dream reflects that you are comfortably settled and accomplished at this stage of your life. This uncomplicated existence is admired and craved for by others, those who may have come to witness these blessings.

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