Venereal Disease Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Venereal Disease explained:

May suggest a harmful habit, trait, etc. that affects a person, group, or environment / location in a negative way.

To dream that you have a skin disease, such that you cringe when you suddenly acquired a discolored and uneven skin tone which looks ugly to look at, could be a reflection of narcissistic tendencies that you tend to suppress. This dream imagery may be telling you about your constant desire to show off or expose your qualities, good or bad, to others to the point of getting annoying. You could try to stay humble and acknowledge others from time to time to make them feel included and so as not to appear too self-absorbed in the process.

Generally, when people dream of having such disease it means that they have a fear of contracting some disease in life.

To dream of a certain type of disease, for instance when you just recently watched a documentary regarding Ebola virus and you had a dream of getting this disease while on an African safari vacation, could mean upcoming period of time filled with responsibilities, preoccupation with trying to provide for yourself and family members. Knowing the type of a disease you have in the dream could allude to your patriarchal role within your family and may be hinting that you should not neglect such important responsibilities given to you.

To dream of a disease that you are afraid to get in real life, for example the dreaded, contagious and infectious AIDS or syphilis which when contracted causes stigma and ostracization from society, could be a reflection of your moral or ethical aspects of existence on a subconscious level. It may be an indication of some irrational or justified fears regarding certain decisions you could be dealing with in real life. It would be better to closely examine these fears which you could be feeling to counter or override them successfully.

Fear of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease after a sexual act in your dream symbolizes your tendency to be involved in unhealthy relationships. You often find yourself in romantic, platonic or professional relations that do not benefit you or hurt you as a result. This can also refer to unintentionally making someone submissive or dependent on you, which can have negative effects on this person's life and your own.

In general, spiders in dreams represent individuals who are energy vampires in reality. They tend to dwell on negative aspects and drag down everyone's mood. In that context, the man with the head of a spider likely represents an influential personality who may be a bad influence at work or in your social circle. This personality may be cunning and manipulative, spinning a web of lies to get others to trust him or ingratiate himself to a group. Perhaps the wisdom and experience of your mother would be crucial in helping you get out of a sticky situation involving this individual.

Venereal Disease

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