Walking on dried mud

Walking on dried mud Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of dried ink, such that when you see that the ink container without the lid on you left beside the window has dried up after being exposed to the air and sun, could be an indication of being able to successfully overcome blame thrown at you for no reason at all. It may also mean being held accountable for acts or errors you have not committed in reality. In cases such as these, you should be able to stand up for yourself to avoid being the scapegoat for the mistakes done by others. The truth shall always set you free.

Walking in a dream may suggest that you are making slow and steady progress towards reaching your goals in life or in finishing a project or may suggest you are confident and without fear in where you are going and what you are doing in life.

Walking freely and knowing where you are heading means that you are on the right path in your waking life. Pay attention to where you are destined to in your dream, try and relate it to your life. If you are having problems walking, it suggests that you are a bit confused and not sure uncertain about your direction in life. Also you may be trying to ignore or hide from something in your life. Take heed of what you are having difficulty pursuing or why you are unable to progress forward because it serves as a representation of your waking situation.

Dreaming about a desiccated river as a result of overuse or a drought is a serious sign of misfortune. It portends plenty of mishaps, adversity and sufferings which might cause you much distress and would cause plenty of devastation in your life.

A dried up lake, perhaps due to an extreme drought or irresponsible human activities, serves as a warning for you to be careful in associating yourself with individuals or groups with questionable reputation. You may think this new social group is engaged in benign activities until things start to get out of control and you could find yourself implicated. Not only would you be accountable for your behavior, it may even have legal ramifications.

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