Washing Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Washing explained:

May symbolize the cleansing of guilt or unpleasant emotions.

If you are washing either in a bath, shower or ocean suggests maybe a need for inner cleansing. Do you need to clean up aspects of yourself that you might find dirty or bad. What parts are you washing? The area might you are washing might be a metaphor for something that needs to be fixed. If you where washing your hands it could mean innocence.

A dream in which you envision yourself in the process of washing your own feet is considered to be a dangerous and ill omen. As a rule, it signifies that a certain foe or foes, either known or hidden, could be designing a treacherous scheme to hinder your goals and current undertakings. What is even more dangerous is that their efforts and endeavors have a significant chance of succeeding, thus resulting in serious distress and disappointments on your part. It is recommended to stay alerted and keep an eye on everything happening in your closest surroundings.

Dreaming that you are washing clothes is a warning. It could mean that your current love relationship is not beneficial to you and might possibly bring you problems in the future. It can also refer to your frivolous behavior and that continuing your current ways can pull you down, creating bigger problems for you in the future. If you had this dream, try to analyze which is applicable to your current life and take action.

Washing in water, such as rinsing your face or other body part, symbolizes going in the right path. Your life is in the right direction and because of this your plans are coming true. You will be able to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

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  5. Washing your hair - Washing your hair is a sign that you are about to enter a period of great uncertainty. This time will be filled with worries, stress and agony which will stay with you for a while.... Learn More!
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  7. Washing your face - Washing your face, such as with the water from the faucet or the clean waters of a river or stream, reveals your desire to cleanse yourself or absolve yourself of a mistake you made. You may have comm... Learn More!
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