Wedding Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

These dreams suggest a bond with that person you might be getting married too. This could also suggest a long term partnership or tying the knot in some aspect in your life. It is also possible you want to get married.

Dreams about wedding cakes, especially for young, unmarried women, predict experiencing disappointment in regards to your romantic endeavors or the person you are currently in a relationship with or dating. In the case of single women, they may have difficulty catching the attention or eye of someone they are interested in. For women in relationships, the person they are seeing may have a wandering eye or may have changed their personality or attitude recently.

Wearing a wedding dress in the context of a dream suggests you have a deep internal desire to become married or be in a long-term, committed relationship with someone. You may also be looking at your current partner as a potential husband or wife, wondering about what your life together would be like. However, some interpretations of this dream indicate that wedding dresses are a sign that someone in your family may become seriously ill in the near future.

Dreaming about your own wedding ceremony indicates you will soon encounter a life situation that will require you to make an important decision. Once this decision is made, it will significantly influence the course of future events.

Watching a wedding go horribly wrong because of unforeseen mishaps, internal conflicts, or scandalous wedding events during the wedding is a warning that you are going to encounter some misunderstandings or conflicts in your life that might be hard to overcome.

Top Most Related Dreams to Wedding

The Following Dreams Seem To Be Related To Your Dream

  1. Wild wedding party - Dreaming about a wild wedding party or some other celebration is a bad sign. It means there is going to be a series of negative and annoying circumstances emerging within your household.... Learn More!
  2. A lost wedding ring - Discovering that you have lost a wedding or an engagement ring in a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting experiencing shame and guilt. The cause of these strong negative emotions is most likely ... Learn More!
  3. A shiny wedding ring - Dreaming about looking at a new or shiny engagement or wedding ring could symbolize the prosperity of your current relationship. Its a very good sign which indicates that your relationship will be las... Learn More!
  4. Stopping the wedding - Stopping a wedding ceremony or interfering with the possibility of a wedding occurring is a bad sign that someone close to you is secretly harboring feelings of hostility towards you, and this person ... Learn More!
  5. Singing at a wedding - Singing at a wedding in the dream world portends possible health issues and physical ailments. The type of song and performance depicted in the dream provide clues to the kind of ailment and the sever... Learn More!
  6. Wedding at a church - To dream of having a wedding at a church means you may encounter a brief time period of despondency and may become haunted by ill feelings that keep you in a bad mood.... Learn More!
  7. Dancing at a wedding - Seeing yourself or someone else dancing at a wedding ceremony portends unhealthy competition. This means you will encounter some people who have intentions to compete with you, and they might get very... Learn More!
  8. A fight during a wedding - If you dream that you participated in or witnessed a fight during a wedding, especially a physical fight, then it is an omen that you will soon be receiving news of a loved one dying.... Learn More!
  9. Making a wedding dress - If you dream that you have the talent to make a wedding dress by sewing it together entirely or by adding more details to it, then it means you have a tendency to prematurely announce your plans or pr... Learn More!
  10. Dying before own wedding - Getting married in a pink dress could be associated with falling in love. After all, pink signifies love, happiness and affection. As such, getting ready for this wedding ceremony indicates some conce... Learn More!

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