Weight Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Weight explained:

Do you feel like something is weighing on you? Do you need to lose weight?

May represent feeling overburdened or encumbered.

May represent something that feels easy.

Dreaming about seeing yourself lose some body weight could be a forewarning. You could be about to experience some difficulties and problems. These issues would result from your frugal nature. In particular, your frugality would manifest itself in your interpersonal relationships. You would tend to treat others in a thrifty and stingy manner. Retaliations and discontent could follow. For women, this dream could reveal upcoming and unfounded meanness, aggressiveness or blaming. These unfair actions would be committed by people who are very close to you.

Dreaming about observing or feeling your body getting fatter could be a symbol of upcoming wealth. You could be about to experience a significant improvement in your financial situation. This especially applies to non-excessive fat. On the other hand, the dream would bear a negative or unfavorable meaning if it involved becoming obese or too fat to easily move yourself about. In this case, the dream could represent a detrimental obsession. You would be excessively focusing your efforts, attention, expectations or desires upon some person, project or circumstance. To your disadvantage, you would disregard everything but this aspect of your life.

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