Whale Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream of a whale can be a very powerful message trying to get across to you depending on the context of the dream. Whales are said to be symbols of strength, power, spirituality and protection although they have also been interpreted as a sign of a dark side. Whales are in water and water is said to represent emotions so do you think something might be coming to the surface?

A dead whale is a very positive dream symbol. Whales often represent big challenges and insurmountable problems. As such, a dead whale is a symbol of triumph. If ever you have been beset with obstacles and seemingly endless problems, then this dream vision represents your inevitable success in resolving issues or finally achieving your goal. The fulfillment of one of your biggest aspirations would likely stem from your sound judgments and good choices. Never straying from the path and focusing on your desired destination would finally bear fruit, giving you a sense of satisfaction, pleasure and fulfillment.

When you dream of a killer whale it means you need to let out your emotions in a very extreme way for people to hear you. You are very angry and any little thing would make you snap. Try understanding your emotions so that you wont turn into a killer whale again.

A white whale as a dream symbol is a sign of good luck. Specifically, your good fortune would be associated with wealth and prosperity. For example, you could acquire something valuable, like an antique or a rare item which would significantly boost your finances if you decide to sell it or auction it out. You may also come across a very lucrative investment opportunity. While others may neglect this chance due to risk aversion, your good instinct and knack for spotting potential could give you an advantage by investing early in this promising venture.

Hunting for a whale in a dream vision could reveal your overly ambitious nature. Since you are looking to catch a majestic creature, it means you may be reaching for something well beyond your capabilities. Perhaps you think too highly about yourself, hence you often grab chances to pursue certain goals and opportunities without proper preparation and training. This lack of due diligence and not putting in enough hard work to successfully achieve what you want would likely end up exhausting you and making you bitter in the long run. This kind of attitude would not bring you the success and fame you want for yourself.

Top Most Related Dreams to Whale

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  2. A whale in general - Whales in general represent something significant in dreams. Depending on the context, it can refer to a negative or a positive outcome. If the dream scenario is a happy one, then the image of a whale... Learn More!
  3. A whale in the sea - A glimpse of whale in the sea, perhaps while you are on a boat or by the beach, means you are about to receive a helping hand in reality. If you have been having financial problems or just a general d... Learn More!
  4. Dreaming with whale - May symbolize big emotions that are coming to the surface of consciousness.... Learn More!
  5. A whale washed ashore - Envisioning yourself by the shoreline and seeing a whale washed ashore is usually a warning about upcoming hardships. For instance, you or a loved one could experience a major misfortune or tragedy, s... Learn More!
  6. Swimming with a whale - Envisioning yourself swimming with a whale in the ocean alludes to many romantic prospects. This can be good or bad depending on your desire to partner up in reality. Perhaps your belief in yourself o... Learn More!
  7. Being attacked by a whale - The image of a whale in a dream often refers to a huge burden. It could be a big business project that you are handling or a relationship that is a causing a lot of complications. In your case, the la... Learn More!
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  10. A whale causing a shipwreck - Dreaming about an aggressive whale which caused a shipwreck can be an ominous sign of a series of unfortunate events and unrelenting bad luck in your future. This period of hardships would test your m... Learn More!

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