White heads on a finger

White heads on a finger Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Pointing fingers in your dream is symbolic of guilt, pay attention to who is pointing the finger! If someone is pointing fingers at you it means you have done something wrong and although people may not know about it you feel guilty about doing it. On the other hand if you are pointing fingers you are trying to pass the responsibility of your consequences on to someone else. If you are using your fingers to do hands on work it means that you have great ability. If you use your finger to curse someone it means someone is causing you to be annoyed and powerless with something. If your fingers are not working properly and you cut fingers off it means you want to get rid of the things that are bringing you down or making you do poorly in life.

May represent cleanliness.

Seeing a white rat in your dream means that people you meet or associate with sometimes, are not who they appear to be. Do not be deceived by what you see for they have a lifestyle that is far more different from yours. They may not be as admirable as you think they are.

Dreaming of seeing a white cat is a sign of misfortune. It means your life will soon become filled with a lot of confusion, doubt, or misunderstanding that will either create a lot of grief for you or create a lot of material loss.

Using white ink to write something in a dream often portends disappointments and possible failure. Writing with white ink on dark paper means your instincts could kick in when you are facing a dodgy deal, yet you would still push through despite the uncertainty. On the other hand, white ink on white paper reveals your tendency to trust too easily and this would be a significant factor to your downfall. Your mind could be telling you choose your friends more carefully because they would be the ones you would turn to in times of need.

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