Wolf Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Wolf explained:

The wolf is a common motif in the foundational mythologies for many years. As Carl Jung would say that this is a very rare symbol to show up in your dream that links to the unconscious part of the dreamer. The wolf would portrayed in modern times as greedy and cunning. This powerful symbol could also translate to teaching, guidance, friendship, loyalty and intuition.

Seeing wolf skin in front of you can be a sign of unwanted visitors wanting to stay in your house and who may take you a long time to part from. Wolf skin spread on the floor, is a sign of being invited to a birthday party where you may have a chance to meet valuable people for your business or interesting to you in other respects.

Seeing or encountering a grey wolf in your dream is a sign of dealing with matchmakers who may provide just enough help for you to start a new romance or relationship.

Seeing or encountering a white wolf in your dream signifies that you maybe under the influence of false beliefs, which need to be reconsidered if you want to have honor and be respected.

Dreaming about a wolf pup is a symbol of being lightheaded on your success and losing control of the things you are trying to accomplish because of your initial success.

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  5. A howling wolf - Hearing a howl of a wolf in your dream means that you may uncover conspiracy in existence against you, and will be victorious over your enemies or people trying to cross your way in a negative way.... Learn More!
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  9. Riding on a wolf - When you find yourself riding on a wolf while dreaming, it is an indication of a triumph over the wiles of a powerful and resourceful enemy you have been in confrontation with.... Learn More!
  10. Wolf biting you - Having a dream about being bitten by a wolf attacking you is a bad sign of possible losses or diseases you are about to experience.... Learn More!


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