You rising from a coffin

You rising from a coffin Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Rising in a dream is a good symbol of being prosperous and able to overcome situations. If you are rising in status or job it means that your hard work will soon pay off.

May symbolize thoughts, feelings, or emotions waking up to conscious awareness.

Dreaming about yourself reclining in a coffin and then resurrecting from it could be taken as a positive sign. This could indicate that you are about to recover your strengths, buoyancy and confidence. It could signify a time of calm and tranquility which would be a direct result of the confidence that you will discover within yourself. You will have success in every endeavor which you will undertake.

Envisioning smoke rising from the smokestacks of a large factory or plant is a highly positive sign associated with the miraculous resolution of problems. More specifically, this sign indicates the troubles that have plagued you for some time completely disappearing with little or no action required from you. After they have been resolved, you can focus on other tasks you have been putting off for some time.

Envisioning smoke lazily rising from the chimney of your home is often interpreted as a positive sign associated with happiness and comfort, especially in regards to your family. This symbol indicates a pleasing, balanced atmosphere within the home, making living together very enjoyable for all members of the household. If problems have plagued your family in the past, this could also be a sign of experiencing improvement in the quality of the relationships between family members.

Seeing the sun on the waters edge has slightly different interpretations depending on whether it is rising or setting. For a sunrise coming over the watery horizon, it suggests the act of giving birth or creating new life. In some cases, it refers to phallic imagery or the male as a sexual being in general. A sunset on the water, then, is associated with feminine images and traits.

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