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To dream about Younger sister explained:

Visions of a half-sister, whether such a person exists in wake life or not, are often interpreted as a sign that others are becoming more interested in what you do and say. While this could manifest as admiration or popularity, it is likely to bring about its fair share of scrutiny and criticism, especially from those who think they know better. You may find that people around you are giving more input on your life than it is necessary, or that others are trying to control you, making you act in a way which best suits their schemes.

Having a dream vision in which your sister from wake life is afflicted with a life-threatening illness or has been in a possibly fatal accident could serve as a forewarning of hard times ahead. This is most likely associated with finances or your work situation, which may go through some disruptions. You may even find it difficult to provide for you and your family's most basic needs. Even if things do not turn out so badly, this symbol should inspire you to start making a budget or keep to a stricter spending plan. It may also be a good idea to stash some money for a rainy day or put any available income into a savings account or retirement plan.

Dreams revolving around your younger sister, especially ones in which you are specifically interacting with her, are often interpreted as a sign that your concerns for her future and safety are well-founded. This means you probably have a good reason to be overprotective of her or wary of the friends she hangs around with. Additionally, this vision can point toward having concerns about her future success and well-being.

Dreams where you are speaking to your sister-in-law, whether it is a serious conversation in a formal setting or an informal chat, usually indicate that the atmosphere in your own family is healthy and pleasant. This means that everyone usually gets along and that you support each other when things get tough.

Visions of a sister who has already departed this world are commonly associated with the idea of loss or confusion in wake life. More specifically, this means you may not have a concrete solution to a problem you are facing or even know what the problem is. It is also possible, especially if her passing was recent, that the presence of your sister in your dreams could be the manifestation of sad feelings you are experiencing in wake life, particularly your concern for other family members like your parents, if they are still living, and her children, if she has any.

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