Your town unharmed while others destroye Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Your town unharmed while others destroye explained:

May symbolize community.

A dream where you wander through a town with no one in sight is a common one. First you need to analyze your surrounding and see if you have any memories there or it serves any purpose of your past. If so then you need stop living in those days and move on. If not it could just mean that you feel lonely and you find yourself trying to get away from people.

Living in a strange town in a dream predicts a slew of changes in wake life. It could be anything from changes in your hairstyle or fashion sense, your place of employment, your current romantic relationship, or all of the above. You should thank yourself for having enough courage to effect these changes because they would make your life a whole lot better.

Dreaming of encountering or seeing a small-town girl often is a good sign. This is because it usually predicts the arrival of a healthy newborn child at your home. However, the arriving person would not necessarily be a baby of your own kin. That is, the dream could be about the possibility of soon gaining a new and happy household member.

Coming across a town with a big wall or surrounded by a massive wall in a dream vision is an indication of happiness and prosperity. The town itself may be a symbol of your desired destination or ultimate goal. Meanwhile, the big wall signifies security and stability. As such, finding this place in your dream means you would eventually achieve your heart's desire, perhaps by becoming wealthy and successful. This would ensure the comfort and security for the rest of your existence.

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Your town unharmed while others destroye

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