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To dream about Yourself as a teacher explained:

Any teacher in your dream will come across as your guide or your inner knowledge. These dreams are usual powerful that sends a message to you consciously that you cant over look. You have to figure out why the teacher is there and why is he/she sending you a message. The context of a teacher dreams is very important and needs to be decoded only by you and nobody else. Take down as much information as possible and see if you can come up with a lesson the teacher was hinting at.

A math teacher is often a negative sign in dreams, especially if there are problematic people around you. For instance, if the lessons or lecture from your math teacher is coming across as gibberish, then you could experience a humiliating incident or find yourself in an embarrassing situation because of your social ineptitude. Alternatively, others may be deliberately trying to sabotage you by forcing you into unpleasant and awkward circumstances wherein you would have to make a complete fool of yourself.

Envisioning yourself lost and unsure of where you are means that, in real life, you may have a lot more questions than answers about certain aspects of your existence. You might want to learn more about your parentage and heritage, or you may start exploring the cultural aspects of your ancestors. Additionally, dreaming about being lost could also indicate low self-esteem or not having a clear direction for your life path.

Seeing yourself dead in your dreams is a sign of upcoming happiness and the possibility of living and enjoying a carefree lifestyle very soon.

A music teacher in dreams, instructing a choir or teaching music students how to play specific instruments, is usually a reference to the dreamer's penchant for exaggeration. You may be trying to present yourself in a more interesting way by embellishing certain details of your stories to people you want to impress. Unfortunately, the music teacher is also an allusion to *facing the music* which means your white lies could be exposed by others and you would have to explain yourself in the process.

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Yourself as a teacher

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