ability Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about ability explained:

May symbolize being powerful, creative, accomplished or competent.

In a dream vision, being in water is often associated with opportunity. Being underwater, however, might be the manifestation of some existing fears, suggesting that this opportunity may be an art or hobby that you do not think could be a viable path for you. Your ability to breathe underwater, then, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with creativity and a bit of elbow grease. If you put your mind to it, no path is impossible.

The palace structure at the beginning of your dream likely reflects the expectations others have of you. Perhaps your parents, peers and other authority figures are pushing you down a path you do not wish to take. In contrast, the skyscraper you raise from the rubble of the former structure reveals your passion and aspirations. You have big dreams, and you want the freedom to follow your heart. Unfortunately, the nuclear explosion may be an indication that your efforts would be in vain. Your own temperamental nature and tendency to dabble in risky behavior could prevent you from achieving those goals.

Depending on the dream scenario, fire can mean passion, destruction or anger. In your case, having the ability to shoot fire out of your hands may be an allusion to your capacity to control your emotions, especially those which have negative effects on you. However, your inability to use your powers during the zombie outbreak reveals your struggle to manage your temper. A zombie outbreak can be a metaphor for stressful situations, so perhaps during these times you tend to be overcome by emotions thereby making errors in judgment. Hence, the girl represents a mentor or a trusted individual who would be able to help you manage your temperament in order to make more rational choices.


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