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When we notice objects above us in dreams signifies your goals. You might feel that your goals are a bit out of reach at the moment. You need to take baby steps in order to get to the top. If you remember what symbols where at the top will help you understand what you need to get.… Its possible that you might feel insecure and you think people are above you in life.

May suggest a “Higher Self” is involved.

Dreaming that a shot or shots are coming from above, perhaps the higher floors of a building or high elevation areas like a hill or mountain, means you may soon become acquainted with an individual who would make a terrible impression on you. Maybe this person comes off as arrogant and condescending or seems insincere. This may be your first impression of a first date or your friend's significant other. Whoever this person turns out to be in reality, you are likely going to hope that your would not cross again.

To dream of seeing yourself shooting down targets from above or a higher vantage point indicates meeting new people who won’t be your cup of tea. Shooting from above or an elevated height, such as the rooftop of a building or the upper levels of an apartment complex, reflects your point of view when it comes to meeting those people. They may not make a good impression on you due to an attitude or possibly personality differences. Negatively, you could be feeling a sort of superiority complex over your colleagues and this vision is revealing certain parts of yourself that you may not be aware of.

Standing on a balcony which is lofty or elevated, for example like that of a skyscraper or an elongated building is symbolic of fear and uncertainty. This insecurity is a direct result of too much responsibility ladled on your shoulders along with great concerns about your welfare and position in life. It could be due to decreasing confidence in your capabilities while dealing with these responsibilities and undertakings.

Seeing an angel hovering above the head of a person you've known for a long time means that person is about to pass away in the very near future.

Watching waves from high ground, such as from a cliff overlooking the ocean or a fjord, is often interpreted as a sign that your future would be relatively stable and consistent. You would probably have a schedule that is followed day in and day out and enjoy the companionship of loyal, constant friends. Also, you would have the free mental energy to carefully consider the wisdom and advice of your betters, be them relatives, friends or famous figures.

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