ace Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent the number 1.

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Watching an agitator at work

Watching an agitator in a dream means you will soon discover that it is very hard to make your wants, desires, or demands come true....

Enjoying the taste or smell of a banana

Dreaming about eating a banana and enjoying its taste and aroma is a symbol of fast cycles. It is possible that you will soon find yourself in a situation with rapid repercussions, developments or con...

Boils and blisters on the feet

A dream in which your feet appear to be disfigured and full of blisters could represent certain subconscious desires. You may secretly wish to achieve a level of financial or material wealth but refus...

Walking with someone wearing white clothes

Dreaming of walking with someone who is wearing white clothes signifies facing misfortune. The person wearing white in your dream could be facing undesirable events in his or her life, which could lea...

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