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To dream about air explained:

May symbolize the physical or emotional environment or atmosphere of your surroundings and what is being accepted or taken in.

When we dream about the air means we need some space. If the air is polluted means that your mind is not clear. If you are gasping for air that means there might be an area n your life where you are feeling suffocated.

Damp air as a dream symbol, like the air in a dark and damp basement, could point to possible depression. Certain events or incidents may result in the loss of your motivation to chase your dreams or pursue happiness. Maybe you would start to think that happiness is such a far-off dream and likely unattainable at this point. Alternatively, your foul mood may be due to intrusive relatives or family members who may be too controlling. Their expectations and disapproval may be too much for you to handle.

Warm air as a dream symbol, like the spring and summer breeze or tropical air, has an auspicious interpretation. It means you are entering a period of peace and abundance. Things are finally going to calm down with your problems slowly melting away. Alongside this calm and harmonious phase would be a chance for you to shine and fulfill your goals with much success and satisfaction. Since there are no distractions to deter you from achieving your targets, you can dream big and pursue your passions.

Fresh air in dreams, whether you are on vacation in your vision or in a sanctuary, reveals your absolute trust in your closest friends. It is possible that you have shared a lot of experiences that tested your loyalty with one another, or perhaps an upcoming incident would further strengthen your friendships. Alternatively, this symbol also points to the resolution of your current problems and issues. This may entail the help of your peers and allies which would allow you to know who your real friends are.

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