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To dream about apartment explained:

May represent the dreamer or a part of the dreamer.

Being bitten on the nose by a wolf and then being held hostage may reveal a sudden turn of events in your career which would cause you many problems. The hostage situation suggests things are going on around you that you are powerless to see or stop, while the wolf may represent a particular antagonist at your place of work. Together, these symbols show how someone you dislike may be plotting behind your back to get in the way of your success. Your escape and the image of the ocean both point toward discovering the truth before it is too late, giving you at least a little time to fix things. The truck you drive at the end of this vision reveals that this would be a new starting point for your life, possibly leading to a change of work or new living situation.

Dreaming of seeing yourself or being near a high-rise apartment house represents your high self-esteem and your skill in communicating your points in order to gain work and personal success and respect from your colleagues, family, and friends.

Dreaming of seeing yourself or being near a high-rise apartment building represents your high self-esteem and your skill in communicating your points in order to gain work and personal success and respect from your colleagues, family and friends.

May represent a community, group of people, or families.

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  1. Renting an apartment for yourself - Renting an apartment for yourself shows that you are about to make a business partnership with someone or join a business network that will benefit your current plans.... Learn More!
  2. Renting an apartment from someone - Renting an apartment from someone is a symbol of marriage. It means that you will tie the knot soon.... Learn More!
  3. Home as a high-rise apartment building - The type of home that you see yourself living in while dreaming has a lot to do with what the dream symbolizes. To find yourself living in a high-rise apartment is a sign of strong confidence. There i... Learn More!
  4. A likeable man inside a new apartment - The elevator alongside the feeling of having visited the place before in your dream contains a positive message indicating a possible new opportunity you could get involved in. This opportunity could ... Learn More!
  5. A black burnt apartment and a black dog - You are right to be concerned after experiencing this vision. The symbols presented here seem to be a message from your subconscious to be vigilant of those whom you consider close friends. Seeing an ... Learn More!
  6. Strangers occupying apartment without permission - Seeing your home being occupied by others without your consent is a negative omen. One that portends upcoming issues in your relationship with someone close to you. Be it your boyfriend, a friend or a... Learn More!
  7. Building an apartment complex and failing at it - Seeing someone building a house predicts upcoming changes in your life, usually positive in nature. This most likely means you are about to receive a promotion you have been hoping for or make some ot... Learn More!
  8. A dryer and flooding the apartment while neighbor laughs - This dream contained two juxtaposing symbolic visions of a drying appliance and flooding water. They could be pointing out the existing contradiction between something important you have recently done... Learn More!
  9. Being in an empty apartment and labeled unattractive - This dream could be an indication of your recent attempts or plans to initiate contact with a certain person in your life or network with a group of people who interest you in a significant way. This ... Learn More!
  10. The need to have an extension to the top apartment - Dreaming about someone telling you about you needing to expand your quarters serves as a reminder that you are not doing enough for those close to you. You may have forgotten to send a birthday card o... Learn More!


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