apple Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about apple explained:

May symbolize knowledge and wisdom.

The appearance of a vivid red apple hanging from a tree depicts the onset of open opportunities and favor normally associated with unexpected blessings and rewards.

A ripened apple means it is time to act on your long-awaited dreams by using a well-thought out plan to accomplish your goals.

An apple infested with worms foretells of falsehoods you will soon encounter, which might misguide you or take you off a path important to you.

A rotten apple signifies that there are labors or projects in your current life which are in vain because they will not yield the desired results they were intended to yield.

Consuming a rotten apple portends looming illness or self-destructive tendencies, the latter especially if you were aware in your dream it was rotten before biting into it.

Slicing an apple carries the meaning that you are wandering in the dark, and something that should be obvious is still not apparent to you, resulting in negative outcomes of everything you attempt to do or accomplish.

Symbolically speaking, an image of breaking a ripe apple in front of your friends means you are presently making a greater progress or accomplishing more in comparison to your peers or close friends who could have similar goals, interests and ambitions. Subconsciously, you are validating your success and accomplishments, but because of your personal determination and persistence, not because your peers are less determined, resourceful or capable than you.


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