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To dream about aroma explained:

May represent the past experience or emotion that is associated with the scent.

Smelling flower aroma in your dream is a symbol of upcoming romance. You are about to meet somebody who will make you fall in love again. It is also a sign that somebody you know is in love with you with or without your knowledge of it.

Smelling pleasant aroma in your dream is a sign that someone you respect will play the role of your mentor. This person will be able to lead and guide you towards accomplishing your plans in life.

Smelling an aroma from food sources or a dish tells you of an upcoming artistic encounter. You will soon find enjoyment being exposed to the beauty of art while visiting a museum, attending a concert and the like.

If you are in a cloud of aroma, this is a sign of good fortune coming your way. You are about to experience something that will bring you happiness, such as good news or some form of amusement. Either way, you will soon be delighted by something that will come in your life.

A very strong perfume aroma that comes from your own body or clothes indicates self-satisfaction. You are contented with your life at the moment and find pride in the big and small accomplishments you have done.

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  2. Memory-triggering aroma - If a memory-triggering aroma or a scent that triggered something in your past is in your dream, expect something very major to happen in your life. This is a forewarning that your life will turn mostl... Learn More!
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  6. Aroma from an apparent source - If there is aroma from an apparent source in your dream or you happen to see where an aroma is coming from, this is telling you that you have to put more effort into your personal life. You should inj... Learn More!
  7. You as a source of unpleasant aroma - If you are the source of an unpleasant aroma, this is a symbol of being in trouble. You are involved with something that is unlawful or indecent with or without your knowledge. Take precaution because... Learn More!

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