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To dream about around explained:

May represent feeling the need to go around obstacles.

Dreaming of sand around you, for instance when you find yourself walking in a sand dune with nothing but sand in plain sight and as far as you can see to the horizon, could be a warning about approaching times of smaller income in reality. The dream may be hinting of your inability to provide for yourself or your family needs resulting to inconveniences or suffering in the process. You could try and revisit your resources and see where you could still generate additional income to prevent this from actually taking place in your life.

Finding yourself in a crowd of many faces or surrounded by numerous faces is a dream scenario associated with geographical or social change. The geographical aspect has to do with relocation to or possibly vacationing in a far-off country. The social aspect means you may become a part of a new social circle which would change the course of the path you are currently taking. In certain cases, both interpretations are relevant and even connected. Perhaps in the course of your relocation or travels, you would meet new personalities who would open you up to new ideas and exciting opportunities.

Seeing a lot of dolls around, maybe in the doll section of a toy store or being inside a house of someone with an extensive doll collection, means you would soon witness something extraordinary in reality. This massive event would resound all over the world or at the very least affect a lot of people in your community. This could either be a positive or negative happening or circumstance, so perhaps your subconscious showed you this dream symbol to make you mentally prepared for what is about to come.

Envisioning multiple snakes curling around and slithering past your legs is often thought to be the manifestation of fears related to the contraction of diseases. In many ways, standing there without moving could suggest that your fear hinders some aspects of your life, such as getting close to new people or traveling. If you were able to remove yourself from the entanglement of snakes in this dream, you may find a way to overcome this particular obstacle.

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