basket Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about basket explained:

May symbolize the womb.

Dreaming about seeing or carrying a basket full of eggs is a good indication of a positive outcome for a current or future endeavor. If you are taking on a money-making project right now, you could expect to make substantial profits out of it. If you are planning to pursue a dream job, Lady Luck is on your side. Unfortunately, this same dream vision is also an indication that your sex life may be a bit too complicated, and you might want to ask yourself if you need to continue seeking sexual relations outside of your current relationship. On the bright side, it may be the right signal for you to settle down and start your own family so you can begin to pass your legacy on to your future children.

The two men you see in your vision seem to represent messengers. You may be expecting to hear from someone soon or are about to hear about an interesting and exciting proposition. This is further supported by the men giving you food, which also indicates getting good news that will improve your life. However, the clothes that stood out to you as red in color symbolize rash behavior or relying on your emotions too much. People may have informed you of this character trait before, but if you do not listen, you may let this upcoming opportunity go to waste. Missing a good chance is also seen in your lack of completion of the task the messengers gave you. In order to benefit from the situation you will find yourself in, you may need to be more rational and diligent in your everyday life.

Tomatoes and lemons, as dream symbols, have an interesting interpretation when put together. Tomatoes often represent affairs or unlawful relationships, suggesting you have your eye on someone who is unavailable or are not condemning the advances of someone who is making moves on you. On the other hand, the lemons seem to indicate a desire to know why you are fine with this morally dubious situation. In a sense, you can see through these two symbols a willful, headstrong aspect of your personality and a mature, thoughtful side that wants to reflect on those feelings.

The laundry in this dream represents suppressed emotions and unresolved issues. So finding the yellow shirt of your ex in your laundry basket reveals lingering issues from your past. You may have been trying to deny existing problems and a lack of closure, but your dream is telling you that it is something you need to confront in order to get a fresh start. You may be having trouble finding someone new because you refuse to clean up past hurt or you are unable to let go of your anger and grudges.


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