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To dream about bees explained:

Dreams about bees may mean many different things and other aspects of the dream should be considered when trying to determine your interpretation.

Dreaming of bees in your dreams is a pleasant dream symbol. In the future you will see money come your way. Bees represent very hard and efficient work that you have been doing in your walking life. If you see a bunch of bees buzzing around symbolizes tons of activity in your life and people are talking. If you get stung by a bee in your dream, means that somebody has “Stung” you verbally. If you see somebody being stung, represents that your actions will hurt somebody else.

Having a dream about bugs in the form of bees, particularly large black bees or the typical yellow and black striped bee, predicts becoming involved in a romantic affair. Bees are often associated with romance and affection, and seeing them in a dream vision suggests becoming completely enamored with someone. This passionate courtship may even become a full relationship or something even more intimate with time.

To dream about humming bees in the process of collecting nectar is a sign of hope and promise. This could be a favorable time for your career, project or business to flourish because you would have better opportunities and more resources at your disposal than ever before. Success could be within reach, but you would have to work harder and exert more effort to actually realize your goals. Anything less and you would fall short.

Seeing a swarm of bees in your dream symbolizes being treated unfairly by someone else. You could meet someone who would treat you only as an object of his or her sexual desires. This person would not care about your feelings and welfare and might only be after the pleasure you could provide to him or her. Should you continue to be associated with this individual, you might become victimized by low self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment. Be forewarned when you experience this dream for it is vital to your well-being. This dream could also refer to having a possible fire in your home or place of residence.

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  2. Bees attacking you - Dreaming that you are being attacked by bees in large droves is a typical example that one tiny speck or blot could ruin an immaculate piece of clothing. In the literal sense, one mistake could destro... Learn More!
  3. Exterminating bees - Dreaming that you are exterminating or swatting bees to death is like having a black cloud hanging over your head. You might soon enter a period of great struggle and hardship which could bring so muc... Learn More!
  4. Bees in a mating game - If you dream about witnessing a miracle of nature involving several male bees injecting a queen bee during a midflight mating frenzy, it hints of a stinging failure in your own life. These are tough t... Learn More!
  5. Bees covering the face - Bees which touch and land on you without stinging are symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Because there were multiple bees in this vision, it could sug... Learn More!
  6. Bees inside the house - Having a bee inside your home is not a very positive omen. It could mean that you were expecting to receive some sort of pleasant news or perhaps waiting for a particular project to come to fruition, ... Learn More!
  7. House filled with bees - Dreaming about a house filled with bees is a symbol of death. It would befall any member of the family which owns or lives in the house in the dream. If you happen to own or reside in the bee-infested... Learn More!
  8. Your home full of bees - Seeing a dream vision where your home is full of bees is an ill omen representing loss and misfortune. Dreaming of a hive of angry, agitated bees infiltrating your house or living space may indicate t... Learn More!
  9. Bees and ants in the room - A swarm of bees refers to unfair treatment. Someone in reality is taking advantage of you, in part because you may be afraid of this person and he or she is using this fear to make unreasonable demand... Learn More!
  10. Bees pollinating flowers - To dream about bees pollinating flowers is a symbol of well-deserved rewards. Because you have exhibited great diligence and perseverance in your relationship, career, project or business, you would s... Learn More!


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