belongings Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about belongings explained:

May represent a desire to belong.

Seeing your belongings or something you hold dear to you on fire in your dreams means you are excessively obsessed with the belonging you saw on fire in real life.

Dreaming about mice chewing on and destroying valuable belongings is a bad omen which indicates the possibility of losing a substantial amount of money or property. The mice in the dream could symbolize none other than you, that is, your own excessive spending and extravagance could be the cause of your financial troubles. This dream vision is, therefore, a call to exercise self-restraint and modesty.

An overstuffed room filled with a mishmash of personal belongings is a dream symbol depicting bad habits. You are likely on a downward spiral and unable to control your addictions or propensity towards self-destructive behavior. The room stuffed with odds and ends reflects your troubled mental state, packed with anxiety and inability to find clarity in the waking world. You could be weighed down by a lot of emotional issues or personal trauma which is fueling your addiction. Perhaps it is time to clear your mind and face your demons.

If you are losing belongings while moving in a dream when you are riding towards a new destination, like things or appliances are falling out of a moving van or misplacing them after moving to the new house and being unable to find them anywhere, it could be a hint for you to be more independent and self-sufficient than solely relying on others for help. You could try to be more proactive and energetic instead of constantly delegating your tasks and responsibilities to others.

Dreaming about trying to protect or save your belongings during a fire outbreak indicates you are a highly sensitive person who is easily offended. Because of this sensitive nature, you often tend to focus on remembering all the negative things that have happened in your life.

A fire at your house could symbolically refer to some urgent, time-sensitive matters you are dealing with in reality. You may have to shuffle your priorities in order to successfully finish whatever you are trying to do at the moment. Trying to save your daughters and pets from the fire and failing at first could indicate that your past negative experiences, perhaps related to the separation from your first daughter, are getting in the way of your daily life and activities. However, the notion that you were able to be safe again and enjoy the day at the end of the vision, even after the loss of sentimentally valuable possessions, suggests you would be able to turn your past tragedies and hardship into the fuel that drives your future victories.


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