blackboard Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent a lesson to be learned.

A blackboard in dreams is usually a metaphor for your ideas and goals, so whatever is written on the blackboard illustrates your current state of mind. However, if the material for the writing on the blackboard is chalk, then it can also indicate a lack of follow through or temporary wants. So if, for example, you are writing with a chalk on the blackboard, then it could imply missed opportunities. Perhaps your commitment issues lead to failed projects. It could also mean that you tend to quit when the going gets tough so you do not get to enjoy the fulfillment of completing a project when you follow through with your plans despite the challenges.

A dream in which you see yourself standing next to a big blackboard at school is portentous. Its an indication of the negativity which is about to enter your life in the form of some devastating news. Additionally, it could also mean that you might have to face certain hurdles and hindrances which might interfere with your progress at the workplace.

Seeing yourself erasing numbers that were written on a blackboard in your dream is a reminder to you that you have done something incorrectly or have done something foolishly in the past that is quickly coming back to haunt you in the form of consequences.

Looking at or standing by a big blackboard at college, like something that takes up a lecture room or auditorium wall to wall, means you would soon have to deal with a ton of issues and annoyances that would disrupt your normal routine, whether at work or in your personal life. The problems are relatively minor, but they would be numerous enough that you would need to give it significant time and effort to resolve, which is why any major plans or projects may have to be delayed because of them.

Envisioning yourself standing by the blackboard at college, such as during a class presentation or report, reveals your desire to open up to others about your issues or personal concerns. As such, the blackboard represents your willingness to communicate with honesty and clarity. Alternatively, this could also be an indication of your need to be validated by the opposite sex. Perhaps you feel like a wallflower or neglected especially by the people you are attracted to, so you are making a conscious effort to be noticed and desired for who you are.

A dream in which you find yourself giving a class presentation or standing near the black board in school signifies your desire to let someone know of your intent. On the other hand it could also symbolize your yearning or desire to be appealing to someone of the opposite sex.

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