blocking Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent an obstacle towards achieving a goal or desired result.

The building itself represents you and your state of mind. In that context, the doors or entrances are your choices for a major decision you have to make. Since you are trying to get out of the building, perhaps those entrances symbolize an escape from your own insecurities and doubts. The snakes similarly symbolize your fears and uncertainties especially when it comes to your skills and abilities. You could be planning to strike out on your own, become more independent and self-sufficient yet your fears are holding you back. The three snakes likely represent specific reservations or apprehensions you have, some are crippling you more than others, but it would only take a bit more courage or encouragement for you to start pursuing your goals.

Trying to cross a bridge and being blocked or hindered by a crossing guard, military personnel or other random person could predict being hurt or disappointed by a new romantic liaison. Your potential partner could have some habits which could greatly offend you or they may not have been entirely truthful in their intentions. In some cases this dream could also be a warning to avoid *crossing over* into a relationship with someone due to the inconvenience it could cause you in the future.

To observe the sun passing through clouds, covered then shining unblocked throughout the duration of your dream like a timelapse, suggests the arrival of a period of financial problems. You could face a lot of difficulties and challenges, perhaps a mounting debt or unpaid bills without a sure way of paying them. Fortunately, these would not drag on interminably. You may even get the best of both worlds, such as finding a profitable business, investment as well as professional growth on the horizon.

Crossing a road means you are putting yourself in harm's way. The presence of the crocodile in your dream means someone in your social circle is going to betray you. This individual is someone you trust which would make the betrayal even more painful. The more you open up to this person, the more ammunition you are giving them to eventually take advantage of you. The silver coin has a similar dream interpretation because it signifies conflict involving your family or loved ones. You could lose a friend or become estranged by your family because of this big disagreement.

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