branch Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about branch explained:

May represent branching out or networking.

When you see yourself hanging on a tree branch in your dream, it's an indication of discomfort and detachment from people who do not usually constitute your regular social circle.

Just as the lonesome and gloomy vibe that a bird perched on a branch in a dream projects, this also signifies a looming period of sadness, melancholy, anguish, desolation, heartbreak or disappointments. Things may not go according to your plans after experiencing this dream.

To dream that you are observing an owl perched on a branch of a tree symbolizes a piece of advice that you take with a grain of salt. Your well-meaning friends and loved ones would give you guidance, provide you directions or share with you their words of wisdom gained from experience which comes with age and seniority, and this could be a good thing. However, you would also need your own judgment as well as your ability to read the signs of the times, or to listen to the world around you and not just within your close-knit circle, to be able to decide what is good for you or for everyone for that matter.

If you happen to notice yourself breaking off a branch from a tree, also when sitting on a branch and breaking it off, it can be a sign of making a mistake or wrong move in your professional field or failing to fulfill your career aspirations.

A tree branch by itself in a dream is often thought to be a symbol of sadness and heartbreak, suggesting you may have felt down recently or experienced something rather tragic. However, the birds that lay the branch at your feet and fly around you represent this burden being lifted from your shoulders, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to find happiness once again. Your husband is likely to play an important part in your emotional recovery.

Cars tend to represent our journey through life, so seeing a car having its windshield wipers replaced could indicate a shift or change in some important aspect of your life. In fact, you can probably see this change occurring right before your eyes considering the windshield is the portal through which you see the world when driving. The image of branches is often connected with relationships turning sour, particularly romantic ones. In this case, your vision may foretell the end of a romantic partnership or the rejection of a relationship not yet started.

Sitting out on the limb of a tree can indicate feelings of isolation, especially when you are interested in befriending people outside your normal social circle. This is seen literally in your solitude on the branch, alone and set apart from the rest of the tree. Watching a lightning strike said tree suggests feelings of great sadness or disappointment because of this situation, though there is little you can do about it.


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