break in Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about break in explained:

May symbolize a loss of personal space or privacy.

A break up with your significant other over the course of a dream vision is not necessarily indicative of such an event in reality, although it does touch on some feelings related to that kind of situation. In a sense, breaking up is connected with your feelings of insecurity or concern over aspects of your relationship. You may feel that your weak points and shortcomings would eventually cause your partner to see you in a negative light or make them desire someone else. While this is only a reflection of your subconscious, you should be wary that how you feel does not affect your interactions with them.

Seeing a vision such as this is very troubling and with good reason. This symbol of someone breaking into your residence in order to murder your family is a highly ominous sign, although it is not related to such an event occurring in reality. Rather, this symbol suggests you would soon be betrayed by someone you thought you could trust or taken advantage of by someone who does not have your best interests at heart. In a sense, they are breaking down the walls between the two of you for their selfish desires. If you have been wary about someone you have been spending a lot of time with in reality, it is possible your subconscious has already picked up on their schemes. It may be better to avoid this individual until they show their true colors.

Trying to break a harp is a warning that you will have a long-standing conflict with someone who means a lot to you. Because of this conflict, your relationships with other people will also be affected and you are in danger of severing ties with significant people in your life.

This dream about staying with a tutor and not wanting to end this relationship with her could be an indication that your self-esteem and confidence are currently undermined. This vision could also signify that you depend greatly on some person and have been facing some circumstances lately which you think are going to lead to separation from this person.

Dreaming of escaping or breaking out of jail reveals your desire to break free from a bad situation. You may be in a suffocating or controlling relationship and you wish to regain back your freedom and be able to have free rein in making decisions. Alternatively, this vision can also serve as a warning about the negative ramifications of certain careless decisions or errors you may have made in the past. The consequences of those actions would soon catch up with you and you would have to deal with them at present.

Dreaming about a miscarriage, if you are not pregnant in reality, may be an allusion to health issues. Perhaps you are taking part in unhealthy activities or habits, maybe even harboring self-destructive attitude or perspective. In addition, a miscarriage also symbolizes failure. You may be handling a particularly challenging project or venture which is not quite working out the way you had imagined. Similarly, the break in towards the end of your dream reveals your insecurities. You could be questioning your skills and capabilities. Your attitude and self-esteem may be the root of your previous failures and your subconscious is trying to reveal this weakness to you so you can overcome your personal issues and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Being cursed in a dream reveals that you are currently preoccupied with making plans or figuring out how to become richer or earn more income. Similarly, baby clothes symbolically represent being limited in abilities or resources needed to succeed, especially it these clothes were perceived or thought of in this dream as belonging to an infant or toddler. You could also be sensing that someone more capable and resourceful is standing in your way preventing you from moving forward in the desired direction. These visions, therefore, could represent and validate your weak spots and shortcomings which need to be worked on before you can succeed in your undertakings.

Dreaming that you are struggling under water, trying to break through the surface and finally succeeding in doing so is a positive omen. It represents the strong possibility of getting a promotion at work or an enticing new job offer . This could, in turn, earn you the respect of your peers and the admiration of the people close to you.

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