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To dream about cage explained:

May be a metaphor for caging or repressing emotions.

When ever we dream of cages it has everything to do with being trapped in your walking life. If you so happen to see somebody you know in a cage, symbolizes that you have put this person in a bad position. If you dream of putting an animal in a cage, suggests that you will conquer your fears. It’s also possible that your controlling your temper. When you that a cage is empty, this would mean that you have broken free and now on your own.

Dreaming about a caged wolf signifies prosperity and success in business. This dream can also indicate your good health. For those who are married, this dream can be a sign of an upcoming family trip or a getaway.

Dreaming of going to a zoo or circus and seeing a lion in a cage is an indication that your success lies in your own hands, and your success will also be determined by whether you are able to counteract evil or negative actions coming from people who desire to interfere with and thwart your success in life.

Seeing a bird locked inside a cage in a dream manifests your need for power and authority. You may have the urge to influence and control others for business or personal puposes. Eiher way, striving to gain dominance may hurt the feelings of the people around you. Plus, you may end up limiting their talents and skills instead of compelling them to better themselves.

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