card Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about card explained:

Greeting cards may be expressing innermost and unexpressed emotions.

To dream of a debit card represents your convenience to your friends and family.

Are you still in school? If so the dream is because of the worries you have about your grades. If not then you are evaluating and questioning different aspects of your life. On the other hand, the letters on the report card could stand for someones name, put them together and see what happens.

When you dream of a greeting card it has something to do with a relationship or getting in contact with someone. If you receive a greeting card then something or someone is going to surprise you. You may need to get in contact with the sender. If you are giving a greeting card, your unconscious is telling you that you need to get in contact with whomever you are sending the card.

May represent your finances.

May represent a business deal.

Receiving a beautiful greeting card in a dream vision suggests you are open to the possibilities the future holds for you. Your naturally adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things may even be inviting such opportunities to you like a beacon or a magnet. The idea that this was for a new house may be an indication that a special chance or position is on the horizon which, if taken advantage of, could lead to even bigger and better rewards.

May represent hard work and industry.

Spending someone else's money to pay for your expenses or purchases is a warning about a possibility of some negative outcomes. You might be caught doing something deceitful or it can also refer to losing a close friend because of your reckless or careless behavior. The image of being arrested by police also serves as a prediction that you may soon get an offer so lucrative and irresistible it would be hard for you to turn it down. But you should exercise prudence and due diligence. You would want to know whether such an offer, too good as it is to be true, could benefit you in the long run, or ruin your financial standing, leave you feeling cheated or break ties with friends or people you care about.


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