catfish Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about catfish explained:

May represent scavenging or feeding off of others' leftovers and garbage.

The catfish at the beginning of your vision represents your wealth and prosperity. Just as the fish can survive and thrive outside of water, so does this dream tell of your ability to adapt and rise up to the challenges occasionally presented to you. However, not everyone shares these blessings, as an unfamiliar baby in your arms could represent the difficulties others are going through. While you should be happy with your own prosperity and place in life, do not forget to share the love and kindness with others who need your support and advice.

Catfish can represent wealth or deception in a dream, sometimes both, while your waist alludes to obsession with appearances. You could be excessively focused on superficial things and ambitions. This facade of success and perfection may end up consuming your life and turning you into a shallow and greedy version of yourself. It is a recurring dream perhaps due to your increasing preoccupation with projecting this idealized version of who you are onto others, sometimes to your detriment.


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