cattle Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about cattle explained:

May represent conformity.

Dreaming about observing a herd of cattle, especially if the animals were perceived grazing peacefully, is symbolic of your prosperous and satisfying existence compared to other people, such as your relatives, neighbors or people you know closely. The notion of the grey color and forgetting the rest of this dream could also reveal that your income or personal wealth comes from a range of different sources and during opportune times.

Seeing yourself whipping cattle animals in order to direct them is a sign of great misfortune or bad luck coming your way.

Dreaming about cattle grazing in the pasture is a sign of prosperity and wealth.

Dreaming about an image of a dragon is an auspicious sign predicting that your existing troubles and hardships are about to end, paving the way for new exciting opportunities and fresh beginnings. This is the reprieve you have been waiting for. If you have been struggling in the waking world, the suffering would soon come to an end. Likewise, the healthy cattle in your dream alludes to prosperity and wealth. You could be getting close to achieving your goals.

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