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To dream about cold explained:

May represent feeling detached or aloof from someone, or a situation.

Dreaming about seeing and sensing cold blood represents the weak unity found within your current relationship with someone, and it could mean an eventual breakup from this person or a temporary separation.

Dreaming about being or bathing in a cold bathhouse, whether the water is cold or the building is drafty, is a negative sign showing your inability to solve your own problems. Envisioning yourself wet, cold and shivering where you should be warm and relaxed is an indicator that you are ill-equipped to handle some challenge or responsibility with which you are currently tasked. Though it might be embarrassing, you may need to ask for help, possibly from a stranger or someone you would rather not deal with, to complete your duties.

Feeling cold drops of rain on your skin or soaking your clothes and making you feel cold in your dream advises you to take better care of your health and warning you about possible worsening of some symptoms or becoming seriously ill.

Dreaming about being caught in a quick and cold rain means that you should not solely rely on luck, instead you should take advantage of your inner strengths and opportunities that come along in order to move forward and succeed.

Top Most Related Dreams to cold

The Following Dreams Seem To Be Related To Your Dream

  1. Breathing cold air - Breathing in cold air or feeling the cool air brushing your skin, like from air conditioning or the natural coolness of air during winter, means you would soon be dealing with problems in your persona... Learn More!
  2. A hot and cold shower - Envisioning yourself in a shower that switches from hot to cold water and back again represents an aspect of your personality which tends to oscillate between one extreme and another in wake life. Wit... Learn More!
  3. Swimming in cold water - Swimming in cold water foretells of a pivotal event that will transpire in your life, and this will be instrumental in helping you avoid a potentially dangerous situation. This can also be helpful in ... Learn More!
  4. Sick with a cold or flu - Dreaming that you are sick with a cold or flu, such that you are sniffling while wearing a thick jacket or watching television with lots of tissue beside you, could be warning you about too many tasks... Learn More!
  5. Washing hands in cold water - Dreams of washing hands in cold water, particularly your own, is a good omen. It can be interpreted as having positive events and experiences in your future, especially related to those you consider c... Learn More!
  6. Washing in cold and wild river - A dream in which you see yourself bathing in freezing and rapid water in the river is a forewarning. It portends that you are about to come down with an awful cold. However it might be a fleeting illn... Learn More!
  7. Feeling cold from a star light - Being exposed to the glow of a star in a dream and feeling cold from its light can reveal your apprehensions about the current problems that ail our planet. Despite your optimism, you cannot help but ... Learn More!
  8. Wind that feels fresh and cold - Wind that feels fresh and cold, like the sea breeze or the cool air during springtime, points to potential psychological and emotional issues. This could be a side effect of an illness. Being stuck in... Learn More!
  9. Hot water instead of cold in the shower - Having a dream where you intend to take a cold shower but instead are scalded by water that is too hot is an ill omen which predicts being figuratively burned in real life. This vision means that you ... Learn More!
  10. Cold water instead of hot in the shower - Dreaming about taking a shower that has cold water instead of hot represents getting the cold shoulder in your romantic endeavors. Cold water in the shower in a dream vision is often associated with c... Learn More!


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