collapse Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about collapse explained:

May represent physical or mental exhaustion.

Dreaming about a balcony on the verge of destruction or collapsing while you standing on it must be considered as a forewarning. It could signify a possibly dangerous situation or disastrous and unfortunate events or circimstances which you might become an unanticipated victim of.

The appearance of your deceased father in this dream points to your possible contemplative state. You may have been reflecting on your personal journey, thus far. Being on different floors as your daughter and granddaughter suggests a certain gap that exists among the three of you. As you got older, you may have found it harder to connect with them. This familial concern may be the reason why you are also thinking about your bond with your parents, particularly your father. You want your children and grandchildren to treasure your words of wisdom and guidance even when they can already stand on their own two feet.

Teleportation over long distances suggest facing a stormy emotional period possibly affecting your relation with your significant other. However, the scene of demolition conveys that there may be some flaw in your partner preventing the growth of the relationship, a trait that has been concealed from you. It may be a sign of an event or recognition that you waited for a long time. The scene representing cooking of a dinner hints internal struggles, feeling of sadness, perhaps even depression which disturbs your inner peace. The dream as a whole carries an impression of divergence with your partner, but of a temporary, transitory type. It means that for some time your relationship is not as good as it seems.


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