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To dream about competition explained:

May represent your competitive nature.

Dreaming about taking part or competing in a running or a sports event can be taken as a sign that you are about to go on an expedition. It could also signify the journey which you will have to make either for business purposes or simply to satisfy your wanderlust.

Dreaming that you are swimming and diving in the water usually contains a negative message related to taking on a new project or getting into a new relationship. This new endeavor could get you so totally immersed in it that you would forget all your other responsibilities. This is especially concerning because this new preoccupation would not end well for you. If it is a romantic prospect, then there would likely be a bad break up. Alternatively, a swimming contest can be an allusion to emotional instability. Perhaps you are not in the best mindset because of piling stress or a toxic environment, at work or at home. Unfortunately, if you do not manage your anger and frustrations well, you could end up lashing out or having an outburst which could damage your social relations, especially with your friends.

Dreaming of auditioning for something, whether it is a reality show or for a movie, usually means that you may not handle success and fame well in reality. A tendency to become overconfident and arrogant could make you fall for dubious opportunities and tempt you to take part in risky activities. Alternatively, your audition in this dream vision may also reveal your desire to please others or gain their approval. In this context, singing in front of judges is akin to showing off your skills and achievements, hoping that your friends and loved ones would approve of your choices and admire you for your accomplishments. However, no matter how much you try to be perfect and become an achiever, there would always be those who would either not approve or think your efforts are not enough. The reality of not pleasing everyone is embodied by the judges in your vision. It is also possible that the judges are your own strict standards. You may be a perfectionist and putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

This vision is rather disjointed and has mixed symbols, but there are a few points which stand out. Being involved in a competition in a dream vision suggests there are aspects of your personality which crave attention and recognition from others. You likely enjoy being admired for your good qualities and talents. Being underground, however, despite the niceness of the house, points toward some repressed feelings. You may be hiding parts of your true personality because you think others would mock you or dislike you. The multiple events at the end of the dream, someone getting sick, people acting meanly toward you, and crying, all represent the way your mind has been grappling with this problem, going back and forth and over and over the situation. You may want to consider if the image you are projecting is really the person you want to be and if you really only want friends who like that version of you.

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