complicated Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about complicated explained:

May symbolize confusion, problems or entanglements.

Looking at complicated road atlas details with images and maps that you find hard to understand is a sign of being bothered by something. You are being bugged by some thoughts that are always hounding you.

Having a complicated pregnancy in your dream, such as having a premature delivery or a birth defect, indicates about your tendency towards negativity. You are inclined to thinking in negative ways and may be hounded by unhealthy thoughts. There are old issues in your life that may continue to bother you, giving you undue distress.

Having a dream wherein your friends suddenly begin to shun you may reveal some subconscious fears you have about the future of your relations with others. Whether the friends or situation you experienced in your vision are from real life or not, the meaning of this vision is that you are concerned that others do not find you interesting or no longer wish to associate for some reason. Your partial reaction to the abandonment shows that you are generally not a jealous person. However, you could be worried that your friends would rather hang out with each other than you. It would be wise to share your concerns with your friends and make an effort to hang out with them both as a group and individually.


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